View and edit my personal profile

When you first open Compass you’ll be taken to your personal profile page.  You can also find it under Yourname’s Home in the header bar, or by clicking the Compass logo. This is just a place which stores some information about you, as well as a collection of links to the places in Compass we think you’ll visit the most.


The Teaching tab is split into three columns of current teaching, planned teaching, and past teaching history.  The papers listed here are ones for which you’re listed as a staff member, which means you have edit access and can open them by clicking the links.

If what you see on this tab does not look quite right, there are two things you need to do:

  1. First, check that we have your correct Canvas id.  To do this, just click the Update my Canvas ID button (c)  This takes a few moments, and will confirm success or failure next to the button.
  2. Secondly, you’ll need to manually refresh the staffing for the missing papers.  Please read about how to do that here.


The Profile tab contains information about your service roles, qualifications, professional society memberships, and professional activities.  You can change any of this at any time using the Edit profile button in the side-bar. Please note that the list of checkboxes you see on the edit form depends on the department you’re in.  The information on this page can be seen by anyone with access to Compass, will be summarised on your department’s homepage, and for any reviewers.

Document archive

The third tab, Document archive is where you upload a short Curriculum Vitae as a PDF document.  Please note that this information is protected, and only available to your HoD, any reviewers and review authors relevant to your department, and superusers. You can change your CV at any time by uploading a new one, or remove it altogether.

The other columns contain links to the Career tools websites, where you can fill in your Academic Development Performance Review as well as access your Summative Evaluation of Teaching SET surveys.  Please note that the SET survey link is external to Compass, and only you see it.

Toolkits and permissions

The final tab, Toolkits and permissions serves two purposes.  Firstly, it tells you which special areas of Compass you can  see, and secondly, it provides you with shortcuts to them.  Coming to this tab is your fastest route to those areas.  For details on these permissions, and how to change them if they’re wrong, please see the dedicated permissions page.