Troubleshooting for teachers

This page lists some of the common issues encountered while using Compass as a teacher.  If you find any others, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

I’m a teacher on a paper but can’t get in.  What should I do?

  1. Check that you’re listed as a teacher on the related Canvas paper
  2. Check that we have your personal Canvas id by opening your homepage (a) and using the Refresh canvas id button (b) to check your personal Canvas id. This takes a few moments – please be patient! – and you’ll see a notification when it’s done (c).
  3. Check that the paper has the right Canvas id
    1. Open the paper in Canvas and look at the final 5- or 6-digit number on the end of the URL (d).  This is the canvas id for the paper.
    2. Open the paper homepage in Compass and click the Edit paper button in the side bar (e).  Click the Search Canvas for ID button (f) to retrieve the id (g), and check it’s the same as the one you found above.  If need be, correct the number in the input field (h), then click Save (i).

Syncing assessments from Canvas doesn’t work.  What should I do?

Follow the instructions in step 3 above to update the paper’s Canvas id, then try to sync again.  If that still doesn’t work please contact us.

My paper says it’s not linked to Canvas yet.  What should I do?

  1. Follow the instructions in Step 3 above to update the paper’s Canvas id.
  2. If it returns a suggestion of “None”, then it’s not able to find the paper in Canvas.  This might be because it doesn’t exist in Canvas yet, or because it’s linked to a departmental or faculty account which Compass can’t access.  To fix this, you can locate the Canvas id number yourself by looking at the end of the URL for the Canvas course for a 5- or 6-digit number.  Enter this number into the box (h) in Compass (as in step 3 above) and push Save to update.

I want to copy some but not all of the learning outcomes from another offering. Can I do this?

When you import from another semester, all the learning outcomes from that semester are brought across.  Simply click the Delete button to remove any you don’t want.