Set graduate attribute scores for a paper

Graduate attributes are broad characteristics which we hope to see in our students when they graduate.  In professional degrees these could be specified by the accrediting body, or in others they are decided when planning the programme of study.  While not every paper will contribute to the development of every one of the attributes, over the course of the whole programme it’s important that they all be covered and reinforced.

In Compass, we ask teaching staff to rate their papers against the attributes of the programme which they’re contained in, on a scale from None to Lots.  This score is used later on to check how all the attributes are developed during the programme of study.  You can read more about graduate attributes here.

Setting the attribute scores

  1. On your paper’s homepage, click the Graduate Attributes tab (a) to open the sliders.  Previous levels can be imported using the Import (b) button to select the donor semester.  Simply move the sliders for each attribute (c) and be sure to click Save all (d) when you’re happy with them.
  2. Check whether there are any attributes shown in red (e) on the left hand side – this indicates that the attribute is not yet tied to an intended learning outcome, as listed in the right hand column (f).  You can fix this on the next tab by editing the learning outcomes.

See the understanding graduate attributes page for some of the frequently asked questions.