Override imported information

On your behalf, Compass finds information about papers from a variety of different sources around the university.  As yet this is not a live link, so some of the data may not be up-to-date, or may have changed since they were imported.  You can edit some of this imported information as described below, using the Edit paper button on the paper’s homepage left hand sidebar, and remember to Save when you’re done.

Available for edit are (a) the long name of the paper, (b) the number of points, (c) the notes imported from the Calendar, (d) the Canvas id (this is the 5 or 6-digit number at the end of the Canvas URL for the paper), and (e) the semester in which the paper is taught.

Why can’t I change the paper code or number?  Changes to a paper which are substantial enough to need a new code or number need a new paperset to be created.  This is not something a teacher can do, you need to have Head of Department, Planner, or Superuser permissions.  If your paper has undergone such changes, please contact compass-software@auckland.ac.nz first and we can help you out.