Check your teaching

Papers in which you have responsibilities – and therefore edit permissions – are listed on the Teaching tab of your personal homepage.  If you don’t see what you expect to there, please follow the instructions below.

Specific access permissions for each paper instance are taken from the LMS.  If you are listed against one of the following roles there, then you should be able to access the editable pages of your paper in Compass.  Here’s how to do that.

For Canvas

  1. Check that your Canvas personal id is entered into Compass.  Go to your homepage and use the Update my Canvas ID button on the far right hand side.
  2. Check your permissions in Canvas for each of your papers.  You may need to contact the coordinator to change your permissions there before you come back to Compass.  You’ll find a link to the Canvas page on the read-only page of your paper in Compass.
  3. To pull in the new permissions from Canvas, click the Refresh staffing from Canvas button at the bottom of the left hand column.  Even if you don’t have edit access (a) you’ll still have access to this button (b).  Once the page reloads, all staff who are in Canvas and registered in Compass will have been given edit access, and had their teaching list on their personal homepage updated.
  4. Where the Canvas roles do not match reality, please use the Manually edit roles (c) button to assign lecturers, coordinators, teaching assistant and director roles.


I’ve refreshed staffing but get a message: “Can’t find {name} in Compass. Please either have this person login and register themselves for Compass access, or ask your local GSA to add them.”

To add new staff to Compass you need to have Administrator, HoD, Faculty, or Superuser access.  If you don’t have any of these, the good news is that people can also register themselves.  The first time they try to access the website they’ll be asked to self-register.  After they’re in, you should be able to refresh the staffing as normal without the warning message.  Read more about registration.

I’m in the Canvas course but I’m not being pulled into Compass, even after pushing the Refresh staffing from Canvas button.  What can I do?

There are a huge number of roles in Canvas, and not all of them are pulled into Compass with edit permissions.  At the time of writing, Compass will import the following Canvas roles.

Compass role Canvas role Edit permissions
Teacher Lecturer Yes
Coordinator Coordinator Yes
Director Director Yes
Teaching assistant TA No
Supporter Teaching Support Yes