Create, import and edit learning outcomes

Intended learning outcomes (ILOs) are statements from the teachers’ point of view, about things which they want their students to be capable of when the paper is finished.  They need to be able to be measured so that the teacher can tell whether or not the students have indeed gained the intended understanding and abilities.  If you need help understanding them or getting started with writing outcome statements the learning outcomes page will step you through it.

Learning outcomes should be linked to the graduate attributes to which they contribute, as well as the assessment items which measure them.

Entering your learning outcomes

  1. Open the Learning outcomes (a) tab on your paper’s homepage.
  2. Where a paper is substantially the same as the previous offering, the ILOs can be rolled over from earlier offerings using the Import (b) button.
  3. New ones may be added using the Add new (c) button.
  4. Existing ILOs can be edited at any time using the Edit (d) button, including after importing from another instance.  Remember to link to the graduate attributes using the checkboxes show; they will show here (e).
  5. Unwanted ILOs can be removed using the Delete (f) button.  This cannot be undone.

Who can see them? Intended learning outcomes could be shown to everyone.  The public (if the CourseViewer application is used), to reviewers, to other staff members.  They appear automatically within the paper outline for students to see, including the links to the graduate attributes and assessments to which they are related.