Create and edit paper audit

After a paper is finished, all staff involved with the paper need to write an audit document with their thoughts on the teaching, administration, outcomes and student performance.  Parts of this document are shown automatically to the next semester’s teaching staff, and all of it is available to teachers and reviewers as required.

Final grades will be imported behind the scenes once they have been collected from all papers.  Please follow this guide to complete your audit soon after the paper is finished so that the ideas are still fresh in your mind.

Write a paper audit

  1. Open your paper’s homepage and navigate to the Course review tab (a).  Click the Edit audit (b) button to open the form for editing.
  2. Work your way through the content tabs (c) in your form, being sure to click the Save (d) button at the bottom before changing to the next tab.  Each time you save, the lock is renewed for another 20 minutes, preventing anyone else from editing the outline.  You will be warned one minute before your lock expires.  After that time, the lock is released and your entries since the last save may be lost.
  3. Please note that in the Assessments tab, the grade distributions will be imported on your behalf only once all grades have been finalised for all courses in the Final Grade Toolkit.  If there are changes to be made, please comment on them in the boxes provided.  You are not able to edit them here.


NB Your future self with thank you …Your future plans are shown to the teachers of the next offering of the paper – this is what you see on the Learning Outcomes tab on the paper’s homepage to give some context and continuity to the development of the paper through time.