Add new staff to a paper

Staffing on a paper is taken from the Learning Management System.  Follow these steps to make sure your Compass information is in sync with your LMS paper page.

Instructure Canvas

  1. Open the Canvas page for your paper and add all the staff members you need to there.  The Canvas roles which are currently recognised are:
    • Teacher
    • Course coordinator
    • Teaching assistant
    • Teaching support
  2. Once the staffing in Canvas is finished, open up the Compass paper page.  Use the Refresh staffing from Canvas button at the bottom of the left hand column to sync with the Canvas settings.
  3. If required, you can also manually adjust the roles in Compass using the Manually edit roles button, to select people into the roles of:
    • Director
    • Coordinator
    • Lecturing staff
    • Teaching assistants

Help! I’ve refreshed staffing but get a message: “Can’t find {name} in Compass. Please either have this person login and register themselves for Compass access, or ask your local GSA to add them.”  The first time they try to access the website they’ll be asked to self-register.  After they’re in, you should be able to refresh the staffing as normal without the warning message.

Other learning management systems

Connections to other learning management systems will be activated as required.  Please contact us for details of what’s possible.