Add, import, and edit assessments

Adding, importing and editing assessments is done from the homepage of your paper.  Opening the Assessments tab (a) brings you to a page where all of the linkages between assessments, learning outcomes, and supporting documents are established.

  1. First, assessments need to be created in the LMS.  To open a Canvas page, click the Go to Canvas button (b), and to import assessments from Canvas use the Sync from Canvas button (c).  Imported assessments are show in the list on the right (d).  You can remove assessments from the list using the small, grey, cross button next to any item.

  1. For each of the assessments, use the Link to outcomes button (e) to,  you’ve guessed it, link each to any intended learning outcome (ILO) to which it is relevant.  These are shown in (f).  Remove the association using the same Link to outcomes button (e) and unchecking the box from the list.
  2. Next, use the Add document button (g) to upload any documentation (test scripts, assignment handouts, etc) that accompany the assessment.  These show in the third column (h), where you can download them by clicking their name, or removing them using the cross icon.
  3. Finally, examples of student work can be saved against each assessment using the Add example button (i).  These will be shown to reviewers, so need to be anonymised to remove anything which would identify the student.  They are stored against the grade which the student was awarded for that piece of assessment (ie: not their overall final grade for the paper), and can be viewed by clicking their grade (j), or removed using the cross icon.

To see what a reviewer will see of your paper’s assessments, please see the screenshots on the reviewer’s paper detail page.  The links between the assessments, ILOs, and graduate attributes are fed directly to the paper outline tab for display to students on the Canvas page, as well as to the public through the CourseViewer app if your institution uses it.