Refresh LMS connections

We understand that sometimes it’s difficult to synchronise the updates and preparation of different software tools, so we’ve made it easy to link them together later on.  A paper instance can be created by:

… and ideally each of these would automatically find its own LMS id at the time of creation.  But the paper instance may not exist in the LMS yet, so we have to have a way to connect them later on.  This is possible semester by semester, department by department by clicking the Open refresh form (a) button from the Superuser toolkit.

Use the drop-down menus (b) to select the semester and department to process and push the Submit (c) button to start processing.  Please note that this page does some heavy processing and needs to remain open while it’s working.  Do not navigate away or close the window until it’s complete.  You will be told a paper at a time (d) whether the update has been successful or not, and what changes to the Canvas id were made, or actions needed.  Papers waiting to be processed are shown in black text (e).  Once there are no more black entries in the list you may safely leave the page.