Delete a programme

As well as creating information, superusers are also able to remove things from Compass too.  Please be aware that deleting a programme is permanent and cannot be undone.

Move a programme into the sandbox

Instead of taking the nuclear option and permanently deleting a programme, sometimes it’s enough to move it into the sandbox.  Please note that this will not alter people who are planners on the programme, but changing the owner department means that people who previously had access as head of department will no longer have access.  If ongoing access is needed, department heads should be added as planners before the programme is moved.

To move the programme to the sandbox, open the programme from the Programme planning (a) header menu and open the Edit programme (b) page from the side-bar.

On the edit page, select the Sandbox department (c) and Save (d).

Permanently deleting a programme

Programmes which have been created using the Planning toolkit can be removed by a superuser.  From the superuser dashboard select the Open delete form (e) button to launch the form.  Use the search field (f) to filter the list of all programmes, and click the Delete (g) button to remove it.  You will be asked to confirm the delete – remember, this cannot be undone! – before proceeding.

Note that deleting the programme will also delete any review instances previously associated with it as well, and cannot be undone!