Delete a paperset

Danger, Will Robinson!  Because paper instances cannot exist without a paperset, deleting the paperset has a cascading effect of also removing all of the papers related to it as well.  If you’re not sure you want to permanently remove one, please simply edit its department to move it elsewhere, such as the Sandbox department or one you create for this purpose.  The instructions are at the bottom of this page.

Delete paperset permanently

To permanently delete a paperset, navigate to the superuser dashboard and click the Open delete form button (a) in the Delete Paperset column to launch the form.  Use the search field (b) to locate the paperset based on its code, number, suffix or long name.  When you’ve found the one you need, click the Delete (c) button to remove it.  You will be shown a pop-up containing a list of all the paper instances which will also be removed if you delete the paperset (d).  To remove completely, click the Yes, delete it (e) button.

Move paperset to another department

To keep your department list of papers clean without permanently removing a paperset, the easiest thing to do is to move it to one of the sandbox departments.  Note that in doing so its permissions will change as well – that is, the head of its previous department will no longer have access when it moves departments.

To move a paperset, navigate to the Department homepage (f) from the menu bar, and to the Paperset tab (g).  Clicking a paperset (h) from the central column will open an editable form.  To change departments, simply select a new one from the drop-down Department menu (i) and click Save (j).  Note that pushing Save submits your changes and launches a new form where you can edit paper instances.  You do not need to complete this second step.