Copy papers to new semester

Paper instances can be created by simply rolling one year’s papers into another one.  This can be used where staff want to get started preparing their paper ahead of the import of data from an official prospectus or calendar site.

Please be aware that this is a stop-gap while waiting for the official Calendar import of the papers. A paper’s long name, notes, and points will be overwritten during the import from the Calendar, but learning outcomes, milestones, assessments etc will remain.

From the superuser toolkit select the Open copy papers form (a) button to open the interface.  Use the drop-down menus (b) to select the department, source, and target years, and click the Find missing papers (c) button.  This will bring up the right hand column.

Either use the Select all papers (d) check-box or use the list of check-boxes (e) to be selective about those you wish to copy.  Press the Copy now (f) button when you’re ready.  You’ll be shown a list of the papers as they’re processed.  Please do not refresh the page until the list is completed.