View the timetable of papers in a programme

The Papers in programme tab (a) lists the papers in the programme, ordered according to the time unit (Year/Semester/Quarter as appropriate) and type.  There are three types of paper:

  • Supplementary papers (b) are compulsory but do not attract a grade or carry points.
  • Core papers (c) are compulsory and form the basis of the programme, contributing to the overall grade.
  • Suggested electives papers (d) are not taken by all students, but do contribute to the overall grade.

Clicking on any of the paper boxes (e) will open a pop-up window (below) listing more information about that paper’s instance within the census period.  There are links to the paper homepages (f) in the pop-up for more detailed information.  For information about how to use the paper homepage, please see this page.

The curriculum mapping functionality on the next tab is described under the page on mapping graduate attributes, and details of staffing on the tab after that.