View basic review information

From any part of the review you’ll be able to access some basic functions.  The Review home (a) link in the left hand side-bar will return you to this initial summary tab for the review.  To find contacts for any help, you will find the review’s authors listed under the Contact us (b) link, as well as contacts for the technical operation of the software.  The Help (c) link beside it gives some basic how-to tips for the most common operations.  To exit the ring-fenced review area and return to the main Compass functionality, use the Exit (d) button at the bottom of the side-bar.

Summary tab

When you first access the review you’ll see the review homepage Summary tab.  This has two statements: one is the programme’s general statement and the second is a statement about this specific review.

Review details

The Review details (e) tab includes contact information for the other assigned reviewers (f) as well as the authors of the review (g).  The start and end semesters of the review’s census period are listed (h); you will have access to teaching and paper information for all papers in the programme during this period.  Finally, a list of the graduate attributes upon which the review is based is shown (i).  These are used on subsequent tabs to map the curriculum.

The other tabs are described on the pages regarding the papers in the programme, how to mapping its graduate attributes, staff and personnel information, and – if relevant – the programme’s trajectories.