Investigate details of a paper

Each of the paper instances in the programme under review within the census period is available for detailed scrutiny.  This is all done from the paper homepage.


The Overview tab (a) has the basics.  There’s a calendar description, and a list of the teaching staff and their roles (b).  Clicking on a name will open the profile page for the staff member. There’s a list of learning outcomes and the graduate attributes to which they contribute (c) as well as a list of milestones (d).  Clicking a milestone link will open its detail page.

Mapping for graduate attributes

The way in which a paper contributes to the set of graduate outcomes (e) for its programmes is shown on the Mapping for graduate attributes tab.  The size and depth of the colour of the attributes represents its relative importance in the paper, and items in red are not associated with a learning outcome or assessment.  The other three columns represent the mapping between intended learning outcomes, their related graduate attributes, and the assessments which measure them.

Clicking on one of the assessment links (f) will open a pop-up with more information, including any documents or resources related to the assessment (g, below), and examples of student work at different grades (h).

Outline and audit

The outline (i) and audit (j) for this instance of the paper are shown under the final two tabs of the paper homepage.  These can be downloaded as a Microsoft Word file using the Download as *.docx buttons (k) in the left menu bar.