Access to review

If you’re an internal staff member you should be able to register yourself by following the instructions below.  If you’re external to the institution you’re reviewing, you may need to have extra access granted from the institution before you’re able to use the links below to register yourself.

Self registration

The first time you open an institution’s Compass instance you’ll be taken to the registration page.  You will need to know your username as well as your departmental affiliation to complete the registration. Simply open the appropriate institutional Compass instance using the links below.

NB: if you are self-registering as an external reviewer please use the EXTERNAL: External Reviewer as your department.

Accessing your reviews after registration

The registration page will only appear the first time you open Compass to register.  Once that’s done, accessing the same links will take you to your personal homepage, from where you’ll be able to access your review.  Under the Reviews dropdown (a) in the header, select the review to be taken to the review homepage.  Please see the other pages in the menu on the right for information about how to navigate the reviewer toolkit.

Institutional links