Please note that this page is designed for people both within and external to the University who are on the review panel, not the authors or creators of the review.  For the latter, please see the Review author page instead.

Congratulations (or commiserations) on your appointment as a programme reviewer.  The information here is designed to help you navigate through the Reviewer interface of Compass, which is a specially sequestered area which filters out what you don’t need to know and shows you only what you do.

Please follow the steps below to access this information and complete your review.

  1. Register for access to Compass
  2. View basic review information, the review summary, programme statement, census period, list of graduate attributes and people, reviewers and review author contact information.
  3. View organisation of papers in the programme in a timetable format, with access to detailed information about each paper
  4. Map graduate attributes by seeing where each attribute appears in the programme, and how it is linked to learning outcomes and assessments
  5. Investigate a paper in detail, including its staff, assessments, learning outcomes, attributes, examples of student work
  6. View details of staff profiles including qualifications, professional memberships, activities, service and CV