Programme overview and paper timetable

The Programme overview tab on your review homepage lists the papers in the programme, sorted according to Year (or Semester/Quarter as specified in the programme details) and type.  There are three types of paper:

  • Supplementary papers (a) are compulsory but do not attract a grade or carry points.
  • Core papers (b) are compulsory and form the basis of the programme, contributing to the overall grade.
  • Suggested electives papers (c, out of shot) are not taken by all students, but do contribute to the overall grade.

Clicking on any of the paper boxes will open a pop-up window (lower image) listing more information about that paper’s instances within the census period.  There are links to the paper homepages (d) in the pop-up for more detailed information.

I need to change the organisation of papers for this review.  Can I do that?  The organisation shown below is taken from the programme itself.  Please see the organise paper timetable page about this, and note that you’ll need planner or HoD permissions to make it happen.

I want to change my programme from using “Year” to something else. Can I do that?  This terminology is taken from the programme itself.  If you have planner permissions for the programme, you’ll be able to change this.  Please bear in mind that you’re changing it for all instances of the programme throughout Compass.

The details of the curriculum mapping functionality can be found in the next sections.