Review author

If you’ve been appointed to be a Reviewer, please refer to that link instead.  The notes here are for the authors of the review documentation you’ll be reading.

Reviews are based on programmes rather than departments, as teaching efficacy needs to be seen from the students’ point of view in order to make sense.  To create a new review instance, you need to have Head of Department or Planner access to the programme, or Superuser permissions.  After it’s created, other authors can be added, regardless of their status within Compass.  The links below detail the steps needed to create, edit, and share a review.

You will need HoD or superuser permissions for the first few steps:

  1. Check your permissions
  2. Create a new review instance for an existing programme
  3. Add authors to the review

Once authors have been added they can do these things too:

  1. Edit your review description, details, census period, authors and reviewers, and graduate attributes to track
  2. View the timetable of papers in programme (same view as reviewers)
  3. View map of graduate attributes to papers (same view as reviewers)
  4. View staff and personnel information (same view as reviewers)