Pin a paper to a milestone

If you’re creating a programme from scratch you will have formed your trajectories and begun to divide them into sensible stages or milestones.  While you’re planning, try not to pre-empt the contents of your new papers by associating them with what you’ve always done before.  You’re able to create milestones without associating them to a paper until you’re ready; these are called the “unpinned milestones”.

Pinned milestones are those which are associated with a paper.  You can create unpinned milestones and pin them to papers later on.

On the Trajectories and milestones tab (a), you’ll see all the trajectories and milestones arranged according to semester, year or quarter depending on your programme’s options.  Milestones which are associated with a paper (“pinned”) are automatically shown in the correct place on the timeline, according to how you’ve organised them on the previous Organise papers tab (b).  Where an elective paper exists in more than one year (or semester or quarter), then its earliest occurrence is used for the milestone placement.  Unpinned milestones are turquoise, and you can drag and drop them (c) into any semester/year/quarter or trajectory.  Pinned milestones (d) cannot be dragged, and are shown in grey.  Be sure to push the Save settings button (e) at the bottom right of the page when you have them all in the right places.

When you’re ready to associate your milestones with papers, click the Pin icon (f) on the unpinned milestone.  Note that you need to have a paper existing first, so you may need to create a new paperset or paper, and add it to the programme before pinning them.

Can I unpin or change the paper of a milestone?  Yes.  To remove the association between a paper and a milestone, click the Pin icon (f) and select the paper (or No paper option), then Save.