Organise timetable of papers in a programme

Once you’ve got the right papers included in your programme, it’s time to organise them according to the time and sequence in which they should be taken.  To do this, navigate to the Organise papers tab (a) on your programme homepage.  If you need to add or remove any papers from here, use the appropriate Add/remove button (b) by their type.  By default, papers are slotted into the year/semester/quarter of their first digit: that is, EXAMPLE101 will be placed by default into Year 1 etc.  Where the first digit falls outside the range of the programme it appears in white in the left-most column (c).  Simply drag and drop (d) it to where it belongs.  This could include changing the year/semester/quarter and or the type of the paper.  When you’re finished, remember to Save (e) your changes.

Important: If your programme is shown to the public through the CourseViewer app, this page is what drives what is seen there.  Please do be careful with how you use it!


On the next page we’ll look at how to add or edit the graduate attributes against which the programme will be taught.