Manage and migrate milestones

Milestones are the elements of Compass which carry practical information about the programme’s design to the on-the-ground teachers.  This page details how milestones can be imported and copied across years and programmes; to make a new one entirely, please see the information on the Create a new milestone page.

View existing milestones

Open your programme’s homepage and navigate to the Trajectory tab (a) to open a table of tractories and their associated milestones.  Because milestones can change year to year, this table can be decluttered using the Filter calendar years dropdown (b).  Details of existing milestones can be found by clicking on the tile (c) to open a popup window, with a link for further information and edit capabilites.

Milestones can be rolled from one year to another en masse using the Manage by calendar year dropdown (d) to select the target year, or imported between different papers using the Import by paper button (e).  To create an entirely new milestone, use the Add new milestone button (f) to open the creation form.  These are explained in more detail below.

milestones 1

Roll one year to another

If your programme has been reasonably stable you’ll probably not need to make large scale changes to your milestones.  To roll them from one year to another, use the Manage by calendar year option (d above) to select the year to import into.  This opens the calendar year dashboard (below).

The entire collection of milestones from another year can be imported into the current year using the Mass import from dropdown (g) to select the donor year.  Note that milestones can be edited after this to make any minor tweaks needed for the new year.

But wait!  I’ve tried to import from one year to another and nothing happened!  This mass import works on the intersection of papers in each year.  If you’ve tried rolling from one year to another and there seems to no change, check that you have paper instances in that year first.  If you have any other issues, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Import from one paper to another

Where papers exist in more than one programme, milestones may be imported across programmes or across papers using the Import by paper button (h above).  This opens the dashboard below.  The steps are:

  1. Select the target paper to import into using the Filter button (j) and Select (k) buttons
  2. Select the donor paper to import from using the Filter button (l) and Select (m) buttons.  Note that if a paper does not contain any milestones there will not be a Select button shown.  You can use the Change destination paper button (n) if needed.
  3. Select the milestones in the donor paper to import.  There’s a list of milestones in the donor paper, and you can import as many as you need using the checkboxes (o).  You’ll need to select a programme (p) to import them into as well – where the destination paper is involved in more than one programme we need to know which one to associate with the newly imported milestones.  Finally, click the Import button (q) to complete the import.

Add new milestone from scratch

To create an entirely new milestone, use any of the green Add new buttons on the various pages to open the creation form.  This is detailed on the Create a new milestone page.