Create a new trajectory

Trajectories are threads of content which are built on throughout the course of a programme.  For more information about how they work please read the pages about understanding trajectories and understanding milestones.

Creating a new trajectory

Open your programme homepage and navigate to the Trajectories tab (a).  In the table which opens you will see the current trajectories listed in the first column (b).  Clicking a title here will open its details page (see lower image). To add a new one, click the Add new trajectory button (c) to open the form.

trajectory 1

Once you’ve completed the trajectory form, it will show up in the list.  Its information can be edited at any time, and the trajectory deleted using the trash button next to its title (b).  The image below shows the trajectory detail page.

The information about a trajectory – its description, entry and exit statements, entry and exit sophistication (Bloom’s) and complexity (STRIP) levels – can be edited using the Edit button (d).  Milestones (see information about what they are and how to use them here) within the trajectory can be managed from this page too.  Use the Add button (e) to create a new one, the Filter calendar year button (f) to restrict the list, click a milestone name (g) to open its details, and use the Delete button (h) to remove it.

trajectory 2

We’ll look in more detail at creating milestones in the next post.