Create a new programme

To create a new programme you will need Planning permissions.  Please check your access rights on the Permissions page.

Creating a new programme instance is a really easy matter.  Open the Programme Planning dashboard link in your header bar, and select the New programme button on the right hand side.  This opens a form where you will need to fill in details of your new programme.

new path

  1. Add a name to your programme.
  2. Programme notes will be shown to reviewers, teachers, and other users of Compass. They need to explain the basic purpose of your programme, what students will be capable of when they complete it, and any other background needed.
  3. While a programme can contain papers from any faculty or department around the university, it needs to be administered by just one department.  Important: If you are planning a new programme select the SANDBOX Department until you are ready for the programme to be published.  You can edit this later.
  4. There are many different ways a programme could be constructed – from six year degrees to shorter postgraduate qualifications taught in quarters.  The designation here (Year, Semester, Quarter) will be used to most appropriately divide your programme into time units.  It represents only a label for those units.
  5. The total number of units – whatever you chose in (d) – which exist in the programme.  For example, in Engineering this could either be 8 (if Semesters was selected) or 4 (if Years was selected).  If you change the designation above you will need to change the total here as well.
  6. Postgraduate programmes do not use the UoA graduate profile attributes
  7. The CourseViewer app is used to show course outlines to the general public.  Important: Do NOT tick this box unless you have an existing arrangement in place.

Push Save to be taken to the programme’s homepage (below)

path home

On your new programme’s homepage you’ll see on the Summary tab (h) the notes provided in step (b), as well as a list of planners for the programme (initially blank).  To grant edit access, use the Edit planners button (j) and use the form to select people to include.  At any time, you’re able to edit the information given in steps (a-g) using the Edit button (k).

Now you need to add papers to your programme.