Create a new paperset

This page is for people who have planning or head of department/school permissions, and details how to create brand new paperset.  So … what’s a paperset?

A paperset is like an umbrella containing all of the instances of a paper – with the same code and number – over various teaching sessions (semesters, quarters, years).  Before a paper instance can exist in Compass, it needs to have a governing paperset.
Note: If you just want to create a new paper instance for an existing paperset (ie: there are other papers with the same code in Compass already, but you need a new one for next semester etc) then this section is not for you.  Please read about how to create a new paper instance instead (see bottom of this page).
  1. Planners can add a paperset from the Planning toolkit (a) using the Add paperset button (b) in the sidebar, and department heads from the Paperset tab (c) their department homepage, using the button on the right (d).

  1. Clicking the button will open the first part of a two stage form.  The first section defines the paperset, which will need:
    • A unique code, number, and (optional) suffix
    • A name for the paperset.  This is the default name for other paper instances, but can be overwritten later.
    • A start and end semester.
    • A department
  2. Once you’ve made the paperset and saved it, you’ll be taken to the creation form for a semester instance.  For this you’ll need to provide:
    • If required, a name for the paper instance.  The default is the name of the paperset, but this field allows the paper’s name to be changed if need be.  Note that the code, number, and suffix cannot be changed.
    • The points it’s worth
    • A semester
    • The Canvas id for the course (if known), otherwise enter 0 if the paper does not exist in Canvas.  Note: You can use the Search Canvas for ID button (e) to try to find its ID in Canvas.  Please make sure that you’ve selected a semester before using this button.
    • Notes for the paper.  These are the equivalent to the notes published in the Calendar.

Once you click the Save button you’ll be taken to the paper’s homepage.  Depending on your permissions, you’ll be able to edit and manage the contents of the paper instance – these actions are detailed on the Teacher page.

To create other paper instances of the same paperset, use the Add new semester instance button (f) from the homepage of any instance of the paper.  This will reopen the same form as above and allow you to create a new instance of the paper.