Create a new milestone

This page details how you can create an entirely new milestone in a programme.  For information about migrating milestones between years, programmes, or papers, please see the information here instead.  For information about what milestones are and how they work, please see the Understanding milestones page.  If you’re a programme planner, please be aware that you can now create milestones without needing a corresponding paper – there’s more information about this process here.

There are buttons throughout Compass which will open the new milestone creation form.  These locations include:

  • Programme homepage > Trajectories tab > Add new milestone button
  • Trajectory homepage > Add button
  • Milestone homepage > Add new button

All go to the same place, where you will need the following information:

  1. Give your milestone a Name to distinguish it from others in the same paper or programme
  2. Write the Notes or description of your milestone.  This will be shown to the teachers in the paper when they create their intended learning outcomes.  It will also be available to reviewers of the programme.
  3. Select a trajectory to associate with the milestone.  The General trajectory is there for where milestones are needed but should not be associated with a trajectory.
  4. (optional) Select a paper insight to associate with the milestone.  Papers can be filtered using the search box shown.  Note that though you can only select one paper here, you can duplicate the milestone to other papers or years using the tools described in the Manage milestones page.  If you don’t associate the milestone with a paper now, you’ll need to do it later on by pinning it to a paper on the Trajectories and milestones tab.
  5. Select as many of the programme’s graduate attributes as are related to this milestone.
  6. Finally, click Save to create the milestone and return to the programme’s trajectory tab.

The final tab in the programme planning toolkit is the Access skills tab.  This is explained in the next chapter.