Add or edit graduate attributes to a programme

Once you have the right papers included in your programme, and they’re organised into the right schedule, it’s time to select or edit the graduate attributes against which you’d like to map it later.

Navigate to the Graduate attributes tab (a) on your programme homepage.  This shows a list of graduate attributes already associated with the programme (b). This list can be changed using the Edit attribute selection button (c).  The entire list of graduate attributes in Compass can be investigated using the List details of attributes button (d).  Clicking this will open the window below.

A searchable list of all the graduate attributes in Compass is shown.  You can filter these using the search bar at the top (e), and clicking any of the rows (f) enables you to edit the corresponding attribute’s notes, title, and code.  Please bear in mind that this list feeds all faculties, so do not edit attributes for which you are not responsible.  If you need to add an entirely new attribute to the pool, please use the Create new attribute button (g) in the sidebar.

In the next post we’ll see how you can map the attributes against the papers in your programme.