Add or edit papers in a programme

Once you’ve created a programme, you’ll need to decide which papers are included, and what type of paper they are.  There are three types of paper possible:

  • Supplementary papers are compulsory but do not attract a grade or carry points.  Papers in this category would include the academic integrity course, any English language requirements, practical experience, or ungraded placements.
  • Core papers are compulsory and form the basis of the programme, contributing to the overall grade.
  • Suggested electives papers are not taken by all students, but do contribute to the overall grade.

papers by type

Papers in a programme can come from outside the programme’s department, or even from other faculties.  To add or change the papers in a programme navigate to the programme’s homepage and select the Papers involved tab (a).  This shows you the three lists of papers according to their type in the programme.  Use the appropriate Edit button (b,c,d) to open the page and add or remove papers from these lists (see below).

On the edit page (above) there’s a list of the current papers in this category shown (e).  To change this list, use the filter box (f) to find the appropriate checkboxes for the papers.  Note that where a checkbox is grayed out (g) this means that it’s already included in the programme but under another type.  You can change the type on the Organise papers tab.  Remember to Save (h) your changes before leaving this page.  You’re able to change the type of paper added using the Change requirement type button (i) or organise into different types using the Organise papers button (j).  This is explained in the next step, where we’ll look at how to organise papers into the programme’s timetable.