View departmental homepage

The life of a department head involves a lot of administration, so we’ve (tried) to take some of the pain of that away by collecting everything about the staff and papers in your department in one place.  The Overview tab is all about launching you into the right places – it’s where you can access programmes in your department as well as creating and curating reviews.

How do I know if I have HoD permissions?  Check the permissions on your personal homepage.  There will be links there to all the departments to which you have access.  You will also see the Departments link in your header bar.


What can I do from here?

  1. You can add/remove other staff from HoD permissions using the Change HoDs (a) button.  This dashboard is only visibly by people with HoD permission, faculty oversight, or who are superusers.
  2. See basic investigation information about your programmes (b).  This information is available to teachers and is intended to show them how their papers fit into the bigger picture.
  3. Open the planning tools for the programmes administered by your department (c).  These are used by planners, and are where you can edit aspects of the programmes (descriptions, papers included and their types etc).  Note that programmes are papers grouped by the point of view of the student, whereas the department is a group of papers from the point of view of the staff.  For information about programmes, please see this page.
  4. Reviews of programmes in this department are listed here (d).  You’re able to create more reviews for any time period for any of your programmes too (d).

On the next few pages we’ll explain how to create and manage papersetsmanage staff, including sorting and investigating by qualification, professional membership, or activity, as well as exporting mass documentation for all papers taught in your department.