View and manage qualifications, professional societies, and professional activities

Compass stores a list of qualifications, professional society memberships, and professional activities as a part of a person’s profile, and as reviews and accreditations frequently request summaries of these, we’ve pulled them together for you.

Please note that this example shows how to view, export and change qualifications under the Qualifications tab, but the procedure is identical for professional societies under the Societies and Professional activities tabs.

View and export

Open your departmental homepage and navigate to the Qualifications tab (a).  You’ll see a list of the qualifications from your faculty which can be filtered using the search field (b) at the top.  You can download the entire list of qualifications and staff as a Microsoft Word *.docx file using the Download table button (c).

Edit selection or create new

You’re able to change the selection of qualifications to include in your department’s summaries using the Edit qualifications selection button (d).  This opens the pop-up shown below, where you can use the filter field (e) and the checkboxes (f) to select from all the qualifications entered into Compass.  Click Save when you’re finished.  If there’s one missing, please use the Add qualification button (g) to create it.